Day In The Life

Have you ever thought...

"What if we had a photographer capture what our family is really like for an entire day?"

Aren't the most beautiful parts of life the subtle and spontaneous moments? The ones that happen when no one is looking? It's not just about the posed and pretty ones.

A Day in the Life (DITL) session captures the beautiful reality of your family...the quirks..the joys..the moments that make you laugh until you cry...and yes, even the meltdowns.

Your kids are growing faster than you can blink.

During a DITL session, I photograph your family from morning until your kid's bed time.

Everything is completely unposed and 100% real.

Are you ready to begin?



What is the in-person viewing session?

The in-person viewing session takes place after the session, and this is when you’ll get to view all the photos. You’ll get to pick your favorite images depending on how many are included with your coverage. Options for albums, prints, and digital files will be available for purchase during this session. You can view the prices here: Portrait Ordering and Pricing Info.pdf

How do I book a session?

Ready to book? I just require a 40% non-refundable retainer and signed contract to secure the date. For booking and questions, contact me or email me directly at

How long is a Day in the Life (DITL) session? 

A DITL session lasts up to 10 hours for a full DITL session.

Are there shorter options for a DITL session?

Yes, there is an option for a half-day (6 hours), as well as 2 hour family outing. Keep in mind, some of the best moments of the day happen when your kids wake up and during your bedtime routine, which is why I highly recommend a full DITL.

Can we still do posed portraits?

Yes, during a full DITL session, we can set aside a 30 minute block of time to do posed portraits.

What if we are a boring family?

There’s no such thing as a boring family. Life with kids is full of surprises, and I think that’s true for any family. I would however recommend filling your day with activities so that you are out and about instead of just at home on computer and watching TV.

What types of activities could we do?

I would first think about what your family already enjoys doing, and then go from there. Do you guys like to play board games? Go to the park? Go swimming? If you are stuck and need some ideas, consider the following: mini-golf,  playing a sport, making pizza or other foods together, bowling, golf, the Greenbelt, kayaking, etc.

Will there be breaks in the day?

If you do a full DITL session, then breaks can absolutely be included in the day. Nap time can be a great time for this. For the half-day and partial day, I would recommend filling the entire time so we can maximize our photography together.

When can we do a DITL session?

Sessions can be scheduled Monday-Friday with at least a weeks notice. There is limited availability for Saturdays and Sundays, but they are available with an extra fee.

Why would we want to do a Day in the Life instead of a normal portrait session?

A normal portrait session typically lasts about 1-2 hours, and there is always going to be posing involved. Attention spans can be short with the little ones, and they’re usually not too excited about a 2 hour portrait session. The typical posing and directing can also prohibit kids from being themselves, and at the end of the day it will only capture a glimpse of your family life. Because a DITL session is completely unposed, the moments are 100% real.